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What is Generation mlm plan?

The MLM Generation Plan is an advertising plan based upon profit sharing. This Generation Plan best suited for the company who manufacturer of consumable products and want to sale their products directly to the end users. When distributor sales a product the volume to be distributed towards up-lines, that is the reason it’s called a Generation Plan in MLM Industry. In the plan, the manufacturer or the product seller shares the advertising cost direct with their distributors and members.


The MLM Companies Define Their Compensation Plan Based On Their Policies. As A Leading Provider Of Generation Software System, We Offer Different Compensation Structures As Per The Companies Requirements.

Generation commissions

In a Generation Plan, the commission is calculated by 2 different ways – Level Wise income and Differential income.

Matching bonus

It is the amount earned as a percentage for every person signed on by your down lines. This actually starts almost 5-6 levels below you and is actually a motivation for you to grow your network deeper.

Referral / Sponsor bonus

It is same like in other compensation plans. This as a motivational bonus because these type of bonus is offered by sponsors to make members active in stable network expansion.

Rank achiever bonus

This bonus is paid to existing members when they turn eligible to the higher level or rank. It acts as a promotion bonus in the MLM industry.

Generation Plan Demo

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